How to use @THNXbot to tip people on Twitter

It's easy to tip people on Twitter with @THNXbot. Just use the hashtag #THNX and mention @THNXbot in addition to one other twitter user's @handle who is to be the recipient of your tip.

Example Tweets with default $0.25 tips

By default, tips you send are a minimum of 25 cents so you do not need to include an amount in your tweet. You can structure your tweet in any way you like.

  • @jim #THNX for the help! @THNXbot
  • @THNXbot please tip @jim #THNX
  • #THNX @jim for your feedback today! Cc: @THNXbot
  • This is a great video from @jim! Worth a tip! #THNX @THNXbot
Example Tweets with $0.25 incremental tips

You can tip an additional 25 cents by adding a +2 ($0.50), +3 ($0.75), +4 ($1) etcetera. You can structure your tweet in any way you like.

  • @jim #THNX for the help! @THNXbot +2
  • @THNXbot please tip @jim +3 #THNX
  • #THNX @jim for your feedback today! +4 Cc: @THNXbot
  • +5 This is a great video from @jim! Worth a tip! #THNX @THNXbot

Tips Expire in 1 HOUR!

Although this is an initial experimental feature, we decided that this tip bot would include time-limited payments. By default, this is 1 HOUR. If the recipient does not redeem a tip witin 1 HOUR, then it will be voided and the tweet from @THNXbot will be deleted. The tweet may still be accessible, such as on your mobile app where it is cached. But an attempt to confirm/redeem it will fail. In the future, the sender (tipper) may be able to set their own expiration time limits. Or, this feature may be removed. We'll see how it goes.

THNXbot Confirmation Tweet
THNXbot Failure Notification Email

Redeeming Tips

If you are a recipient of a tip and have confirmed acceptance of it within the time limit (1 hour) by clicking the "Proceed - Accept Tip" button in the tweet (with embedded Twitter Card), an email will be sent by THNXbot that contains a secret redemption link. ONLY the valid recipient will receive this email. Anyone else will receive a Failure Notification email (see screenshot above). Also, the secret redemption link MUST be clicked on from within the email message and cannot be copy/pasted into a web browser. So unless the email is forwarded to someone else or your email account is accessed by someone else, redeeming tips is tightly secured. If the transaction attempt succeeds, @THNXbot will send a notification tweet to both sender and recipient.

THNXbot Confirmation Tweet
THNXbot Confirmation Tweet

Earn THNX Tokens

Sending Tips w/ @THNXbot earns you 1 THNX Token per transaction (daily limitations apply). It does not matter how much ɃTC you send (25 cents forced minimum). When a transaction is successful (you had sufficient funds in wallet, recipient accepted and redeemed payment), THNXbot will send a special token to you, the sender. This token is issued as a Colored Coin Asset using the CoinSpark platform. The THNX token holds information about the payment and acts as a digital receipt. THNX tokens can be sent and received just like bitcoins. Since each THNX token represents at least 25 cents sent/spent to someone or on something, their could be some inherent market driven value applied to them. Additionally, THNXbot Partners will accept THNX tokens at a value of $0.25 each for various products, services, sponsorships and advertisements (offers would typically have caps on how many THNX tokens can be accepted per offering). Also, THNX tokens have an equivalent asset on the Counterparty platform and can be used and exchanged as a 1:1 ratio. Counterparty is also used as part of a bridge to decentralize user wallets.

For more information on THNX tokens and participating partners, visit the official info page

THNXbot THNX TOKEN in Wallet

Mandatory Eventual Decentralization and Detachment System

The THNXbot Project has some core values that drive the direction of the platform. Clearly, THNXbot leverages decentralized P2P technologies. A primary motivation for building THNXbot is to not only encourage and educate people about decentralized technologies but also to mandate user ownership and control of their crypto wallet associated with THNXbot. With this said, THNXbot developers also understand the conveniences of Centralized components as part of a platform/service. THNXbot is built with a balance of centralized and decentralized technology. THNXbot is initially a Twitter service, which is obviously a centralized corporate owned service. THNXbot also hosts new user wallets on servers that are also considered to be centralized. These two components make the on-ramping and user experience very easy. In fact, THNXbot does not even require a traditional signup form and email verification in order to start sending and receiving payments. But the truly fun and challenging part of THNXbot is the other side of the coin... Decentralizing and Detaching users and user wallets.

Detaching User Wallets from THNXbot Infrastructure

THNXbot provides a way for users to create, own and control a crypto-currency wallet and export/withdraw any ɃTC and THNX tokens from their initial THNXbot wallet that is created upon first use (send/receive tip). This means that you the user will now posess and control the private key for the wallet.

THNXbot will provide 2 ways to accomplish this.

Each approach will allow the user to take ownership of their crypto assets and remove the responsibility and vulnerability of the centralized THNXbot wallets which are only meant to be used temporarily for new users. After a user detaches their wallet from THNXbot servers, options will be available for configuring how any future payments are received via the THNXbot service. Some options are:

Note: This was a prototype experimenting with some various technologies and is not a currently active project as of 05/2015. This page is left up for informational purposes only. Visit ZTC.